How to install the WPCondify WordPress plugin?

 You can install the WPCondify plugin in two ways via WordPress     Installation and via FTP.

Installing WPCondify: 

From our site :

 – Log in to your account and download the WPCondify ZIP file.


– Go to your WordPress dashboard Plugins → Add New.

– Click on “Upload Plugin”.

– Upload the WPCondify ZIP file from your computer.

– After uploading, click on “Activate”.

Install WPCondify via FTP:

In order to use FTP, you will need a client program for your computer. The most popular programs are FileZilla and WinSCP. Both are available for Mac and Windows.

Connect to your server with your FTP program.

Locate the Document Root (the folder containing all of your WordPress files) for your site. It’s often called public_html or has the same name as your site’s domain name, but it could be anything. If you’re unsure, ask your host.

Once you have located your “Document Root”, use your FTP program to go into

  • wp-content/plugins/

Use your FTP program to upload the plugin folder created when you unzipped the plugin file.

At last, once the folder is completely uploaded, your plugin will be listed on the WordPress plugins page, and you can click on the activate link next to it.

NOTE:  Please make sure to upload the plugin folder, not the zip file. The zip file won’t function on your site.